Monthly Mindfuls: October 2018

Every year, time seems to move faster and faster. As months fly by, I often find myself looking back and feeling like I didn’t accomplish anything. But just as important as being productive, is allowing myself time to relax and do nothing without guilt. That’s why I love setting monthly intentions. It keeps my mind focused on a select few things that I’d like to accomplish, while also allowing me to enjoy unproductive moments because I’m not asking too much of myself over the course of the month. This is my idea of living mindfully and intentionally.

I split my intentions into five categories… personal tasks I’d like to complete, creative outlets, fun and enriching activities, physical/mental health goals and ideas for contributing to something bigger than myself – do, create, experience, nourish, give.

Let’s take a look at this month…

DO – my wedding is in less than a year so I’m betting that many of my DO’s this year will focus around that, however switching my closet over to reflect the autumn/winter season is not only fun but necessary.

Create – I don’t want to let this month fly by without making our home cozy and festive for the fall season. We need a few pumpkins scattered about and I’d also like to make an autumn watercolor print of some kind that will make an appearance every year going forward.

Experience – I can’t believe we still haven’t tried the highly rated Caribbean restaurant on our block! They have vegetarian options, slushy cocktails and a cool vibe that reflects a distinctive demographic of our Brooklyn neighborhood.

Nourish – I’ve let exercise slip a bit for a few reasons… moving apartments/neighborhoods, getting a young puppy and total exhaustion from standing/moving so much for my personal chef business. This month is partially dedicated to slowly but surly reclaiming an exercise routine.

Give – making composting a part of our daily routine is long overdue. Composting reduces waste in landfills and therefor carbon emissions, while also contributing to the creation of organic/nutrient rich soil for growing crops. Want to learn more about why you should compost and what to do with your compost? Check out this article from Huffington Post.

One thought on “Monthly Mindfuls: October 2018

  1. Tell me about it! I find giving myself even a couple of small tasks can be very rewarding. In my business, I find I spend 6 months recovering from Christmas and the other 6 dreading it. Mad isn’t it? Months fall like a cable less lift! :O


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