Hi and welcome!

I’m Mary and I’m a plant-forward chef dedicated to a nourishing, non-toxic, simple, sustainable, balanced and of course, delicious, life. I believe good health is achieved through thoughtful (and satisfying) eating, enriching experiences, creative outlets and natural practices. Craving more? Check out my Instagram account, @radiatefoodvibes, and always feel free to reach out with any questions, suggestions or comments! xoxo

Curious about what you’ll find on Radiate Food Vibes? Continue reading…

  • plant-centric, straight-forward and whole-food recipes – some light, some vegan, some gluten-free and some that are totally indulgent (because balance!)
  • information for choosing the highest quality and cleanest ingredients and foods, including both animal products and plant-based foods
  • meal hacks to get food on the table in no time
  • meal plans for detox and healthy weight loss
  • non-toxic bath and beauty products
  • natural remedies for feeling your best
  • world-conscious & eco-friendly fashion & other products
  • thoughts on and ideas for sustainable and eco-friendly practices
  • minimal, tranquil, inviting and attainable home decor/atmosphere ideas
  • DIY projects, crafts and activities that nurture the mind, body and spirit
  • tips and tricks for eating out and traveling while sticking to the Food Vibes lifestyle
  • stories and anecdotes on being in the food industry and building my own business


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mary!

    Thanks so much for the recent blog follow. It has led me to your blog, which I am now following. As I get deeper into my exercise and fitness, I have become more interested in healthy eating.

    I look forward to reading more of your interesting posts!



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