Tools of the Trade: Soapstone Cookware

Anyone who loves to cook knows that the quality of your pots and pans matters. The standard cookware options are cast iron and stainless steel, both of which I love. But there’s another option out there that few talk about, and after just one use I was obsessed. It’s called Soapstone and if you love to cook, you should be checking it out ASAP.

Why do I love my soapstone pot? A few reasons… it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s super easy to clean, it’s non-stick, it conducts heat evenly and keeps food warm, making it a perfect pot for serving too.

The one “negative” when it comes to soapstone, is that you can’t get cooking right away. Soapstone requires a seasoning/curing routine before the first use, but once that’s over with, you’re left with the ultimate cooking vessel. You can easily look up seasoning techniques online, everyone has a slightly different process, but here’s what I did…

1) Rinse the soapstone vessel with warm/hot water, allow to dry completely

2) Rub the entire vessel with a neutral cooking oil (inside, outside, lid and bottom), I used organic canola oil

3) Allow the pot to sit at room temperature or warmer for 24-48 hours – during this time the pot will absorb the oil creating a non-stick surface. The color of the pot will become darker and richer.

4) FOR POTS – after 24-48 hours, fill the pot with water, cover with lid and bring to a simmer over very low heat, then raise the temperature gradually to a medium-high heat and boil water for 30 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cool completely before discarding water

4) FOR PANS, LIDS, GRIDDLES – after 24-48 hours, place vessels/lid in a cool oven, set oven temperature to 350 degrees, after about 15 minutes turn oven off and allow oven to cool completely before removing soapstone vessels

5) Once cookware is cool, wash with warm soapy water

6) After most uses, I clean with a gentle dish soap and then I rub the inside surfaces with cooking oil

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