Weekly Meal Plan | April 13th

What are your food and cooking goals?

Eat more plants? Cook more meals at home? Streamline your pantry and fridge stock list? If any or all of those sound familiar, you’re in the right place.

My weekly meal plans are designed to make cooking plant-based food easy and delicious. I curate three recipes each week, all based on my pantry and fridge stock list.

The best way to join the fun is to stock your pantry and fridge with my stock list essentials, view it here. Then check in weekly for my weekly menu and set aside some time each week to make the three recipes.

Craving more? Join my Patreon page for an organized grocery list each week, meal prepping tips/tricks and a monthly newsletter. Check it out here!

1. Orzo Bolognese Soup

This one-pot wonder tastes like a delicious bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce… without the meat… and it’s a soup. Comforting and hearty, this is one you’re going to love, a total crowd-pleaser.

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2. Mediterranean Farro + Hummus Bowls

This Farro Salad with Greek Olives was a client favorite when I was personal cheffing in New York City. The feta can be dairy feta or a vegan variety, or leave it out entirely. I make it a meal with baby spinach dressed with lemon, pita and hummus. Make it even more filling with my cumin roasted tofu or my mediterranean tofu cutlets.

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3. Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

I love a creamy chickpea salad piled high onto soft bread with fresh lettuce. It’s a twist on a classic chicken salad sandwich. I suggest adding avocado to this sandwich for a little something extra, and serving with potato chips and a pickle. Plus an easy veg, like sugar snap peas (one of my favorite go to side dishes because they’re so delicious on their own).

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan | April 13th

  1. I absolutely love your approach to making plant-based cooking easy and delicious. Your weekly meal plan and stock list are great resources for anyone looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet. My question for you is, what inspired you to focus on creating plant-based meal plans?
    Ella Donaldson


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