Tabouli-Inspired Brown Rice Salad (vegan)

Who needs another easy, satisfying and plant-powered grain salad? Better question, who doesn’t? This one is bursting with fresh, raw produce and lots of herbaceous lemony flavor, inspired by a popular middle eastern dish, Tabouli (Tabbouleh) Salad. I say “inspired” because my version is not exactly traditional. When I think of a classic tabouli, I think of mostly fresh chopped parsley flecked with bulgur, cucumber, tomato and onion. And while mine mimics the flavors and ingredients of a classic tabouli, it’s definitely not the classic.

So why am I switching it up? Here’s the thing… fresh parsley can be very overpowering to me. I don’t even like parsley as a garnish, it’s just too much, so a traditional tabouli isn’t really my thing. The tabouli-ish salad I prefer is the actually the boxed tabouli mix that my mom doctors up. I like it better because it’s mostly grains and veggies seasoned with an included dried spice mix. The herby flavor is still there, but the parsley isn’t dominating.

Basically, my version of Tabouli is inspired by the traditional (fresh herbs, tomato, cucumber, onion, lemon, garlic), but with the feel of a true grain salad (hearty brown rice, fresh veggies and a parsley-mint-lemon vinaigrette). My beloved brown rice is chewy, satisfying and a great base for this salad because it perfectly absorbs the vinaigrette. Which brings us to that vinaigrette. By far the star of the show, this vinaigrette combines fresh parsley and mint and with rich olive oil, bright lemon juice and flavorful garlic. I add a touch of sweetness with honey or agave to balance out the lemon, and then just blend it all together. The finely chopped fresh herbs are broken down by the acidic vinaigrette and the flavor goes from overpowering to just right. I then toss the vinaigrette with cooked rice and fresh veggies, and call it a day. All the flavors and health benefits of a traditional tabouli salad, just with a client-approved Food Vibes twist.

Tabouli-Style Brown Rice Salad


For Salad

1 cup dry brown rice
sea salt
1 pint cherry tomatoes (or about 1.5 cups chopped tomato of choice)
1.5 cups diced cucumber (1 large, seeds removed, or 3-4 minis)
1/3 to 1/2 cup minced onion (about 1/2 of a small onion)*

For Vinaigrette

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1-2 cloves garlic, peeled/roughly chopped
2 teaspoons honey (or sweetener of choice)
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 cup packed fresh mint leaves
3/4 cup packed fresh parsley leaves/tender upper stems

To Make

Cook brown rice according to package instructions. I season with 1/2 teaspoon salt. Allow cooked rice to steam for at least 20 minutes, covered. Using a fork, fluff rice into a mixing bowl and allow to cool.

Meanwhile, cut cherry tomatoes in half, dice cucumber and mince the onion, if using.

Make vinaigrette by blending all vinaigrette ingredients together. I use an immersion blender to blend until the herbs are finely chopped. If you like the herbs more coarsely chopped, blend the dressing first without the herbs, adding the herbs at the very end or stirring in hand-chopped herbs. You can also whisk the dressing or shake in a jar instead of blending, finely chopping herbs and garlic before adding them.

I like to soak my minced onion in the vinaigrette for 20-30 minutes before adding to the salad, it mellows the flavor of the onion. You can also soak the minced onion in cold water to mellow the flavor. Drain before adding to the salad.

When the rice is cooled, add the tomatoes, cucumber, minced onion and vinaigrette to the cooled/fluffed rice and toss everything to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

While delicious right away, I prefer this salad the next day, after the flavors have had time to blend (making it great for meal prep).


Onion – onion (usually scallion) is a typical addition to tabouli salad. I use a standard white or yellow onion because I always have them. The onion mellows when it’s had time to sit with the vinaigrette, and I even recommend soaking the onion in the vinaigrette before adding to the salad. You can also soak the onion on cold water for 15 minutes, drain and add to the salad, this helps mellow the flavor.

13 thoughts on “Tabouli-Inspired Brown Rice Salad (vegan)

  1. Saw your account on TikTok! This was super cheap and easy to make! I’ve been standing at the kitchen counter shoveling in spoonfuls straight from the mixing bowl. I used scallions instead of a yellow or white, but other than that I didn’t change a thing.


  2. What kind of dressing would you suggest for someone who doesnt like mint at all? I want to make this salad but i really cant stand mint. Thanks!


  3. Saw your account on TikTok. Just tried this recipe and it’s probably the best salad I’ve ever had. Always love finding a delicious recipe that’s healthy too!


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