Weekly Meal Plan: Spring Celebration Table

Happy Spring! This special edition of my weekly meal plan series features three celebration-worthy dishes for your Easter table or for any other celebratory Spring meal you may be hosting. These three recipes are easy, well-rounded and, of course, plant-powered.

My weekly meal plans are designed to make cooking plant-based food easy and delicious. I curate three recipes each week, all based on my pantry and fridge stock list.

The best way to join the fun is to stock your pantry and fridge with my stock list essentials, view it here. Then check in weekly for my weekly menu and set aside some time each week to make the three recipes.

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1. Scalloped Potatoes

These potatoes will blow your mind. They are so creamy and rich, you won’t miss the dairy – an absolute must for a spring brunch or for Easter dinner.

Get the recipe!

2. Mushroom Gravy

One of my go-to’s for brunch entertaining is a velvety mushroom gravy paired with store-bought place-and-bake biscuits. You can make your own biscuits, or course, but I love the place-and-bake ones and they make life so much easier – so why not!?

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3. Farro Salad with Sweet Bell Pepper Vinaigrette

We’ve got the rich elements of the meal with the potatoes and the gravy/biscuits, but I always like to balance out my spread with something fresh and light. This farro salad is an absolute favorite of mine and is perfect for a spring celebration because the color is a gorgeous bright red and the flavor is dynamite.

Get the recipe!

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