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Healthy-ish Chocolate & Banana Oat Muffins (vegan optional)

I’ve never considered myself a baker, but lately I find myself baking more and more. This is mostly due to clients who love baked goods, but also because I’m feeling more and more comfortable experimenting with baking recipes. I like savory dishes because it’s easy to change recipes and adjust flavors without worrying about whether… Continue reading Healthy-ish Chocolate & Banana Oat Muffins (vegan optional)

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White Three-Bean Chili (vegan | gf)

Today’s post is a veganized recipe of the white chicken chili I made for a client this week. I loved the creaminess and richness of this hearty chicken chili combined with the sweet crunch of the fresh corn kernels. All I needed to do was omit the chicken. I then decided to take it even further and omit the cream as well (aka veganize it).

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Best of Basic: Loaded Italian Pasta Salad

Is it possible that June is already coming to an end? Fine by me, because I’ll be spending the first days of July on vacation. A glorious 10 day vaca in a remote area of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, it’s pretty much my favorite place on earth. You see, my extended family owns a… Continue reading Best of Basic: Loaded Italian Pasta Salad

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Spicy Buffalo Brown Rice Bowls (Vegan Optional!)

If you saw last week’s post, you knew this one was coming. Last week I posted my recipe for a booming food trend, Vegan Buffalo “Wings” made with cauliflower florets. I’ve been meaning to make these for quite some time now, and I seriously can’t believe it took me so long because they are absolutely… Continue reading Spicy Buffalo Brown Rice Bowls (Vegan Optional!)

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Vegetarian Steak ‘n Shake Style Chili Mac

Being from the Midwest, I grew up with a  genuine and unending love for a little place called “Steak n Shake”. Ok, so it’s not a “little place” at all. The restaurants themselves are pretty spacious and there’s like 100 of them within an hour of my childhood home, but Steak ‘n Shake still always… Continue reading Vegetarian Steak ‘n Shake Style Chili Mac